4 Reasons to Service at a Dealership | Mission, TX

Why Service at a Dealership | Bert Ogden Mission Kia | Mission, TX

Kia vehicles have the potential to run smoothly, safely, and efficiently for decades, as long as you drive them right and keep up with routine maintenance. The first part is on you, but let the second task — routine maintenance — be something for Bert Ogden Mission Kia to worry about. We are happy to handle all of your servicing needs so you never have to worry.

There are numerous benefits to servicing your Kia with Bert Ogden Mission Kia instead of a corner garage.

Our Knowledgeable Technicians

The technicians at dealership service centers like ours have earned the same certifications as regular mechanics, but they have also received special training on Kia vehicles directly from the manufacturer. That means our technicians know the ins and outs of every Kia model, including yours, so they can perform more accurate service and more easily notice and correct small problems that could grow into bigger, more expensive problems.

We Use Genuine Kia Parts

Other mechanics will use generic parts when performing repairs and maintenance on your Kia. At Bert Ogden Mission Kia, we use genuine Kia parts — the same parts that your Kia was designed to run smoothly with. By using these parts, we can guarantee better performance.

Warranties and Recalls

If your warranty includes any service discounts, those are only applicable at Kia dealerships. Other mechanics cannot honor that pricing. More importantly, our service technicians can notify you if your vehicle has been recalled for an issue and perform the repair work free of charge.

Customer Service is our Top Mission

Bert Ogden Mission Kia prides itself on its friendly service. We are transparent in our pricing, optimize efficiency with more technicians and a bigger service area, and make waiting comfortable with beverages and entertainment.

Bring your vehicle to Bert Ogden Mission Kia the next time it needs routine maintenance or special diagnosing and servicing. We’ll help you get back on the road quickly.


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