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Buying vs. Leasing - Bert Ogden Mission Kia - Mission, TX

Choosing a new car, minivan, truck, or SUV is a big decision, but the choices don’t end after settling on the perfect Kia model. You also have to determine if you are going to buy it via financing or lease it over a set number of years. There are numerous pros to each option.

Pros Of Buying

When you buy a vehicle, it is yours to keep. That means you are free to make changes to the vehicle after purchase (as long as you do not void the warranty) and drive as many miles as you would like (there are mileage restrictions when you lease). Buying a vehicle also means you can keep it long after the loan is paid back. For example, if you finance a vehicle over four years and drive it for 10, there are six years of no monthly car payments — just the cost of maintenance and repairs. Likewise, you can earn money off the vehicle when you are ready for a new one by selling it privately or using it as a trade-in at our dealership.

Pros Of Leasing

Leasing a vehicle is not without its merits, however. Leasing often means a low down payment — or none at all — and a lower monthly payment. That’s because you are not paying for the vehicle in full, but rather the estimated difference between the vehicle new and what the vehicle will be worth at the end of the lease term. In that way, leasing is great at keeping monthly expenses down. Leasing also allows you to regularly get behind the wheel of the latest model, enjoying the newest safety and entertainment technologies and comfort and convenience features. If you are a person who always wants the newest, best thing, leasing will make much more sense for you.



The finance experts at Bert Ogden Mission Kia are available to help you determine what option, buying or leasing, is right for you.


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